Older/smaller projects of mine can be found in github. They include:

elvish-libsLibraries for elvish. Include Python utils.
python-stdcppUse cout & cerr streams like in C++.
linux-utilsMiscellaneous linux utilities.
ttypeecho/cat that prints using virtual keyboard.
quickcmdDefine a list of commands and execute them when needed.
python-utilsMiscellaneous python utilities.
frssLightweight RSS Reader.
pforumCompletely unsecure implementation of a really simple forum.
turing.pySimulator of Turing Machine.

and also a bunch of (perhaps legacy) LabVIEW-related utilities:

lv_exceptionsMimics usage of exceptions in LabVIEW.
lv_string_utilsLabVIEW utilities for processing strings.
lv_system_utilsLabVIEW integration of syslog and Python.
lv_edit_labels_pluginRefactor your LabVIEW code using Python script.
lv_test_utilsLabVIEW utilities for Unit Test Framework.
lvprj2htmlGenerates interactive documentation of LabVIEW projects.
pylvappbuilderCommand line interface for LabVIEW Application Builder.