This is a place where I store my hobby projects. Most of them are finished and fully usable. I hope you will find them useful or inspirational.

Most of the projects are implemented in Python or its flavors. You can however also find some Crystal, Nim, vlang, elvish, bash, LabVIEW, or even minor projects in haskell, julia, lua, etc. Mostly these are libraries and desktop applications, but also embedded code can be found.

Because I work on these projects in my free time, do not expect a production-grade code quality. Projects may happen to be poorly tested or insufficiently documented. Also clean coding style isn't my first priority here. I maintain them only as long as it feels enjoyable. I'm open to accept your pull requests though.

In case you like any of the projects, I will appreciate if you give a star next to it in github.

My contact details can be found here.